Nasheed says DDCom unable to investigate further, DDCom retaliates

Photo: President's Office

Male’, Maldives – Disappearances and Deaths Commission (DDCom) has sent a letter stating that they are unable to uncover further evidence into their cases, and are unable to proceed with the investigations, revealed Speaker of the Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed today.

Speaking in the Parliament today, Nasheed detailed that the committee has informed the Parliament that the commission’s investigation has only been sufficient to charge those who actively participated in the murders, and not enough to press charges on those who funded and organized the crimes. Nasheed also highlighted that this is the case for both draft reports drawn up by the commission.

Nasheed further stated that the commission has not been able to determine the masterminds behind the murders or those who funded and organized the heinous acts.

“This Parliament has always questioned why charges were not pressed to the extent which was stated in the report, when the report draft was submitted to the Parliament. The Commission has said that the investigation was hindered due to the publication of the report. From what I see, this is nothing short of a miracle.” Nasheed said.

The two drafts Nasheed referred to are regarding the murder of former MP for Ungooraafu constituency, Dr. Afraasheem Ali, and abducted journalist Ahmed Rilwan. Both reports suggested that the murders were carried out by religious extremist groups.

However, the DDCom has released a statement claiming that the Commission has not informed the Parliament that it will not be able to continue with the investigations.

The statement read that the Commission submitted a letter to the Parliament upon the request of the Parliament, with regards to the latest update of the work done by the Commission, which stated that the Commission has been facing challenges in obtaining evidence with regards to the cases being investigated.

“However, the Commission has not stated that it will not be able to carry on with investigations.” DDCom revealed.