Shaheem faces huge accusations in DDCOM report on Afrasheem murder

Former Islamic Minister of Maldives, Dr. Mohamed Shaheem faces huge accusations in the investigation report prepared by Presidential Commission on Deaths and Disappearances (DDCOM) with regards to the murder of Dr. Afrasheem.

Highlights of the report were announced in the parliament by Speaker Mohamed Nasheed. Afrasheem was murdered in the stairwell of his residence in the early hours of 1st October, 2012.

In the report, a message was received by Shaheem saying that if Dr. Afrasheem publicly denounced his contradicting Islamic beliefs on media, they would love Dr. Afhrasheem again.

“Dr. Shaheem has not clarified who the message was from. According to the commission, the information provided by Dr. Shaheem was untrue.” Nasheed explained.

The report further disclosed that although Shaheem, in a written statement to the commission claimed that he did not ask Afrasheem to visit him in his office on 1st October 2012, the text messages exchanged between Afrasheem and him proved otherwise.

I also divulged that although Shaheem claimed to have no knowledge of how Afrasheem got the confirmation that he would be able to get on that night’s TV programme, the commissioned report revealed that the conversation had been exchanged between Afrasheem and Shaheem prior to that.

According to the report, while Dr. Afrasheem was murdered on 1st October, 2012, several people including people who partake and were trained by the extremist group run by Mohamed Mazeed and Samith Mohamed had flown out of the country on the following day.

“Members of the Parliament, another person who flew out of the country on 2nd October, 2012 was Dr. Shaheem.” Nasheed revealed.