COVID-19: Only symptomatic tourists to be tested

Photo: Tourism Ministry

Male’, Maldives – Only symptomatic tourists will be tested for Covid-19, revealed the Ministry of Tourism of Maldives on Tuesday.

In the guidelines on Maldivian tourism post-Covid-19 stated that temperature checks would be done at the airport and any tourist who presents Covid-19 like symptoms would require to be tested. It further said that the cost of the test would have to be borne by the tourist.

The guideline also read that should a symptomatic patient be part of a travel group, the entire group would have to be tested. In addition to this, random sampling would also be done from time to time, of which the cost would be settled by the government of Maldives.

According to the guideline, all tourists who have been subjected to testing would have to stay isolated in a transit facility, and all tourists entering the Maldives would have be wearing masks.

These instructions were released as the government of Maldives announced the border re-opening of the country on 15th July and resorts on 17th July.