Maldives receives safe travel stamp

First tourist arrival since borders opened on July 15th, 2020. Photo: Ministry of Tourism

Male’, Maldives – The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has granted Maldives with the “Safe Travel” stamp, on Tuesday.

The Tourism Ministry of Maldives announced this on Tuesday, revealing that due to this stamp, Maldives is now certified as a destination which is safe for tourists to travel to, as this stamp is provided to countries which are the safest with regards to Covid-19.

Prior to Maldives, Sri Lanka has received this certification from the South Asian region.

With Maldives having have opened up its borders on July 15th, 402،089 tourists have arrived into the Maldives since the beginning of the year. According to statistics in contrast to this time of 2019, this is a decrease of 65.1 percent.

According to the guidelines of tourist arrivals, all visitors would be subjected to symptom checks including fever and any symptomatic individual must undergo testing, of which the cost must be borne by the tourist. Any symptomatic individual traveling with a group, will result in the entire group being tested. While some tourists may also be subject to random testing, this cost will be borne by the state. All treatment for Covid-19 will also be done at the cost of Maldives.