ADB aids $50 million to Maldives

Photo: Presidents Office

Male’, Maldives – The Asian Development Bank (ADB) aids Maldives with $50 million to help Maldives fight against the ongoing pandemic Covid-19.

Among the $50 million aided by ADB, $25 million is a loan and the rest of the $25 million is a donation from ADB to Maldives to help the government fund its responses towards Covid-19.

The president of ADB, Masatsugu Asakawa stated that the organization will provide critically needed budget to help the Maldivian government undertake its health, social, and economic responses, which are essential to strengthen the country’s public health systems, support the poor and vulnerable groups, and provide economic support for affected businesses.

Apart from this generous aid, ADB had previously also aided Maldives with $500,000 in March.