New strain of virus with pandemic potential discovered in china

Nasal swabs from more than 30,000 Chinese pigs over 7 years found an increase in an avianlike influenza virus that has swapped genes from several strains. HONGLEI SU

Beijing, China – A new flu virus strain with a potential to infect humans have been found in pigs in china.

The researchers who discovered this new virus strain are concerned that it can mutate and become easily transmissible between humans triggering a pandemic. According to the study published in the journal of PNAS on 29th of June 2020, This virus has already infected people working in the swine industry and the current flu vaccines are reportedly not working against it.

As this new strain has the potential of an outbreak many researchers around the globe are advising to not lose sight of this new finding even if it does not pose an immediate threat.

Swine flu outbreak of 2009 which began in Mexico was a pandemic that affected millions, but some part of the population had acquired immunity to it.  This new strain is called G4 EA H1N1and is similar to the swine flu virus of 2009 but with some changes and has the ability to multiply in the cells of the human airway lining.