Six children in ICU amid potential influenza outbreak in Malé

Young girl is lying in a hospital bed | Photo: Infectious Disease Advisor

Malé, Maldives – Consultant paediatrician at IGMH Dr Ahmed Faisal today stated that six children are receiving critical care at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of IGMH due to influenza.

The paediatrician reports that the number of children diagnosed with influenza is increasing in number and the children’s ward at IGMH is almost full. Dr Faisal noted that children as young as one month to a year old are being infected with the virus.

Dr Faisal stated that influenza is seasonal occurring once or twice annually in the Maldives. Physician, National Centre for Respiratory Medicine Dr Mohamed Ali informs that the influenza currently circulating in the Maldives is Influenza Type-A.

Health Protection Agency (HPA) has warned of a potential Influenza outbreak in the Maldives last Tuesday. Statistics released by the HPA reveal that over 100 samples often tested positive for influenza daily this month and 3،720 cases were reported with flu symptoms.

Doctors warn the public to take precautions against influenza and get vaccinated for the virus.