Man arrested over rape of minor

Photo: Police

Male’, Maldives – A 37 year old Maldivian male has been arrested for raping an underaged child.

Maldives Police Service revealed that Gender Ministry has reported a case of a minor being pregnant, in an island within the central police division, to the institution on Tuesday.

Police stated that the case is considered as a rape case and that Gender Ministry is working closely with Police on the case.

As cases involving abuse of children of any nature are considered as serious crimes, in order to ensure that the identity of the child is kept safe, the atoll and name of the island will not be revealed, Police said.

While this case is on going, another case of a 17 year old being pregnant in a Maldivian island has also surfaced.

A tsunami of abuse and rape cases have been coming up online following the rape of a Kenyan woman on a safari docked in the lagoon of Hulhumale’. The response of the government and its institutions to the case spared a huge outcry by the public demanding the end of impunity and holding individuals and institutions responsible more accountable.