Police start investigating the 3yr old rape case

"Was a two year-old ask for it?" - Protestors in Malé | Photo: Mohamed Hayyaan

Malé, Maldives – Maldives Police informs that the case of a 3 year old girl being sexually abused has being brought to their attention and is being investigated.

The case was filed at the Crimes against children department of the Family and Child Protection service.

The girl child has been examined by doctors to investigate for physical and psychological damages. The police also state that they are taking steps to ensure the safety of the child.

According to local news outlets, the 3yr old girl was raped during the few days her mom was admitted in the hospital after labour; while the child was under the care of her aunt.

The child told her mom about what happened to her just this week, but the incident occurred last week. Her mom then immediately informed the police and Gender Ministry. Under the care of Gender Ministry, doctors examined the victim. Nevertheless, no suspects have been arrested yet.

The pediatrician who examined the child stated that these type of cases occur very often in the Maldives, especially children who were raped by trustable family members.

At least once per week, we get a case like this. That is just how much we know. Think of all the cases that have been silenced.


This week, a Malé woman was abducted from a Malé road and raped. Two men with priors were arrested and given a mere 5 days remand by the court.

On March 3rd, a 14yr old schoolgirl was drugged and raped allegedly by her teacher, a policeman and 2 unidentified individuals. The teacher has been suspended and now being investigated by the Education Ministry a month later.

There has been an alarming increase in rape cases and violence against women and children recently. The public have been protesting the fact that the rapists and sexual offenders are not getting punished in Maldives.