Covid-19: India surpasses Russia, becoming the third worst-affected country

Photo: Getty Images

New Delhi, India — India surpasses Russia making India the third worst affected country in the world.

The healthy ministry of India disclosed that India confirmed nearly 25,000 cases in one day, – making it the highest total for one day- taking the countries total number of confirmed Covid-19 cases to over 697,000.

India has now surpassed Russia with the highest total number of cases making India, the third worst-affected country after Brazil with 1.6 million cases and the United States with 2.88 million cases.

The state government officials fear the capital of India and home to over 25 million people, Delhi, could record more than half a million cases by the end of July. The city is taking precautions while converting wedding halls and repurposing some hotels so the majority of the affected patients can receive proper hospital care.

India had gradually lifted the strict lockdown restrictions they had since late March and has reopened shopping centres, places of worship and offices a month ago.

In attemps of reducing the number of confirmed cases, the government has still prohibited international flights to and from India and has closed down schools, metro trains in cities, cinemas, gyms and swimming pools

If citizens are to go outside, authorities has made wearing masks mandatory in public places and to implement social distancing, authorities has banned necessary places such as shops, public establishments and large gatherings as well.

However, for the past three days, cases have been flooding in India at an alarming rate with over 20,000 new confirmed cases per day.

Although India is now the third worst-affected country, according to statistics from Johns Hopkins University, it is eighth in fatalities with almost 20,000 deaths.

Out of over 697,000 cases, a total of 424,000 cases have completely recovered from the virus in India.