Friday prayer in Male’ after more than three months

Photo: Raajje MV

Male’, Maldives – Male’, the capital of Maldives – which is still a red zone for the country in terms of Covid-19 infections – has held the first Friday prayers after more than three months, as mosques were closed during the lockdown.

After no Friday prayers on 12 consecutive Fridays since 18th March, the prayers today took place with precautions as directed by the Health Protection Agency (HPA). These directions include wearing masks while praying, and coming to the mosques in the state of ablution done at home. However, physical distancing was not required as per the guidelines.

As previously, many prayed in outside the mosques and on the roads of the Islamic Center and other mosques and they filled up quickly.

While many obliged and followed the advise of HPA, mainly the elderly, middle aged and youths were seen at the mosques as children were seen much less compared to the pre-pandemic days.

Prior to this, while the mosques of Male’ remain closed, local channels televised live recordings of Friday prayers which took place in other islands of the country.

As Maldives is easing the lockdown measures put in place to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the country, initial ease of measures concerning mosques were the allowing of praying inside the mosques, which was then followed by the allowing of praying in congregation and finally Friday prayers today.