Kuwait’s Sheikh Sabah undergoes a “successful surgery”

Sheikh Sabah's sudden surgery could inspire a renewed power struggle within Kuwait's ruling family. Photo: Reuters

Kuwait City, Kuwait – The 91 year old ruler of Kuwait had undergone a successful surgery after a day he was admitted to hospital for ‘medical checks.’

Kuwait had not elaborated on what ails him and has only said on a report published on the state-run KUNA news agency on Sunday that the 91 year old ruler has undergone a successful surgery.

The Gulf nation has yet to elaborate the public about what required the ruler, Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah to seek an unannounced medical treatment on Saturday as the KUNA news agency had described Sheikh Sabah’s hospitalisation on Saturday simply as “medical checks”, citing a statement from the country’s royal court.

Several hours after the announcement, KUNA had published a second report saying that the 83 year old Crown Prince of Kuwait, Nawaf Al Ahmad Al Sabah had assumed some of Sheikh Sabah’s powers temporarily, without giving further explanation as to why that was necessary.

However, a copy of the ministerial decree posted by Kuwait’s official gazette, Kuwait Al-Youm, and seen by The Associated Press news agency on Sunday declared that the Crown Prince Nawaf Al Ahmad would be empowered for “the duration of a surgical procedure until the health event is over”. There was no further elaboration given.