Japan sees a recorded amount of daily infections

Photo: AFP

Tokyo, Japan — On Wednesday, Japan reported a record amount of daily infections with 750 new Covid-19 cases, with a total of 27,139 confirmed coronavirus cases out of which nearly 10,300 in were in Tokyo, the capital city of Japan.

Tokyo reported a recorded amount of daily cases on Thursday with 300 Covid-19 infections. The previous highest number of daily infections was on last Friday with 293 cases. This
 was the first time Japan’s capital had seen such high figures, Kyodo news agency reported.

The coronavirus cases in Japan has been increasing at a rapid rate since May and has affected several cities in Japan already. So far, Japan has reported a total of nearly 990 Covid-19 related deaths.

The pandemic has killed more than 623,000 worldwide, with an excess of 15.2 million confirmed cases, according to the figures compiled by US-based Johns Hopkins University. The virus has affected several countries throughout the world with United States being the worst affected country.

The number of recoveries across the globe has surpassed 8.6 million.