Covid-19: Japan reports over 1,200 new cases in a day

People wearing face masks to help protect against the spread of the new coronavirus walk on a street in Tokyo, Tuesday, Aug, 4, 2020. Photo by AP/ Koji Sasahara

Tokyo, Japan — As the country struggles to comtain spike, it reports more than 1,200 new cases in a day.

It has been reported that on Tuesday, Japan recorded 1,240 new coronavirus cases and six virus-related deaths.

Along with Tuesday’s figures, the countries total rises to 41,841 confirmed cases and 1,035 virus-related deaths.

Tokyo has reported over 200 new daily cases in eight days in a row, including the cases confirmed on Tuesday. The capital city, Tokyo reported about a quarter of Tuesday’s new cases.

The authorities are unable to find out the source of infections for two thirds of the city’s Tuesday cases. This means that these cases are yet to be traced, said the metropolitan government.

Apart from Tokyo, major cities such as Osaka has also seen high number of cases, raising concerns among local politicians. The governor of Kanagawa prefecture, which neighbors Tokyo, said he expected the rise in Tokyo cases to also spread into his prefecture.

Japan seemed to have the virus largely under control for months, throughout most of May and June. The daily number of cases then were around several dozen, ranging from around 20 to 60 a day.

However, the cases passed 100 on June 30, and has ever since continued to rise, jumping by hundreds in a matter of weeks.