Only Male’ clubs can take part in next Dhivehi League season: FAM

Bassam Adeel Jaleel, President of Football Association of Maldives (FAM) | Photo: FAM

Male’, Maldives – Football Association of Maldives (FAM) has announced that only football clubs based in Male’ would be able to participate in the upcoming season on Dhivehi League.

The decision to not allow clubs based out of the capital in the season which is due to start in December of this year was made by the ExCo of the Association.

While atoll clubs participated in the premier league of the country for the past two seasons, clubs, Nilandhoo and Foakaidhoo have been informed by the Secretary General of FAM Hussain Jawaz that FAM will not be allowing the teams to play in the Dhivehi League, despite it being a pledge of the Association.

Further, the issue of FAM not providing the teams with financial assistance, as promised by the Association has also been raised, which has left the foreign player of the teams unable to go back to their home countries.

As the steak of partiality observed of FAM, it has also removed the Nilandhoo team from the last round of the league, which was against the regulations of the league itself.

While this is so, it is noteworthy that the current ExCo came into effect, by an Annual General meeting which violated several local and FIFA regulations, of which the local regulations were described as a “mistake” by Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof, siding with the FAM ExCo and highlighting that FAM need not follow the regulations.