India to give new aid package to Maldives

Photo: President's Office

New Delhi, India – India has announced that it will be providing an additional financial assistance package to support Maldives in the economic recovery post-coronavirus pandemic.

The announcement was made in a message by Indian High Commissioner Sunjay Sudhir on Saturday, on the eve of Maldives’ Independence Day, offering his congratulations to the Maldives, and mentioning the strong diplomatic relationship between both countries.

“This year both our countries also celebrate 55 years of diplomatic relations,” he said, highlighting that the diplomatic relations between both countries began the same year Maldives gained independence.

Sudhir also pointed out the assistance India has provided to the Maldives in the form of medical supplies, medical teams, essential food supplies and financial assistance – including an assistance of USD 400 million through an extended currency swap arrangement to tide over liquidity shortage. With this, he announced plans for an additional financial package to the Maldives.

“India will soon announce another substantial financial assistance package to support Maldivian economy and assist in economic recovery pos COVID,” he said, although he did not provide further details regarding this package.

The Indian High Commission is scheduled to launch a photo exhibition commemorating the history of relations between Maldives and India on Sunday.