COVID-19: More than 3000 infected patients flee in Bangalore

Bangalore, India – More than 3000 people who have been confirmed to have tested positive for Covid-19 in the capital of India’s Karnataka state, Bangalore, have fled – citing that the phone number and addresses provided to authorities by them have been incorrect.

Indian authorities spoke to ‘The Times of India’ revealing that 3,338 individuals of whom samples were taken to test for the coronavirus tested positive, but were unreachable due to the false information provided to the officials. Bangalore officials say they are facing major obstacles due to this.

However, given the incident, it has been announced that the operating procedure would be changing in the area, as a precautionary measure to avoid such incidents from happening in the future. This includes taking a copy of identification cards as well as providing each individual with a unique OTP number.

As numbers in the Karnataka state are on the rise, more than half of the 90,942 cases are of Bangalore – a total of 48,661.