Two repatriation flight from India to Maldives

Malé, Maldives —  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs disclosed that two Repatriation flights have been scheduled from India to Maldives this week.

Director of Communications of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Miuvaan Mohamed stated that on the 16th of June a repatriation flight from Bangalore and another flight on the 17th of June from New Delhi has been scheduled.

Miuvaan also mentioned that the Maldivian citizens living in the nearby lands of Bangalore will be given the chance to board the repatriation flight sent to Bangalore. Some of the Maldivian citizens that were living in the areas away from Bangalore have already been brought back to Maldives from a previous flight.

There are approximately 150 Maldivians in Indian states such as in Kerala, who wish to return back to their homeland, stated Miuvaan.

Furthermore, Miuvaan disclosed that from the repatriation flights originating from Malaysia on 16th and 17th of June would bring home a total of 400 passengers back to Maldives. Another repatriation flight scheduled for the 16th of June will be bringing back 16 Maldivian citizens from Nepal as well.