Opposition PPM and PNC protest in Male’ demanding resignation of President

Photo: Social Media

Male’, Maldives – Opposition parties PPM and PNC have taken to the streets of Male’ to protest against the MDP lead government of Maldives, demanding that the administration resign.

The protest is taking place near the Chaandanee Magu junctions where leaders of the opposition are actively partaking in the protest.

The protestors are calling upon the President of Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to resign, fulfill pledges and to stop injuring and causing harm. The protestors also demand the release of former President of Maldives, Abdullah Yameen Abdul Qayyoom, who has been jailed on corruption charges.

In addition, protestors continue to demand justice, and to stop the intimidation of judges and independent institutions and commissions.

While police are also operating in the area, so far one protestor has been arrested.

While the opposition had conducted a similar protest on the streets of Male’ last Sunday as well, authorities advised protestors to carry out protests keeping in mind, the situation of the state.

Meanwhile, Health Protection Agency has also banned the congregation of more than 30 people at any given place, as Maldives sees a spike in the number of Covid-19 infections daily, as lockdown restrictions eased up.