Addu Nature Park starts special visitors promotion

Visitor's Center of Addu Nature Park. Photo: Addu Nature Park

Addu City, Maldives – Addu Nature Park has initiated special visitor offers, following its recent reopening after a three month nationwide lockdown.

The new promotion, which begin on 31st of July and last until the 31st of August offers a free entrance ticket for every group of 5 going in for snorkeling. Additionally, every group of 10 going for snorkeling will receive three spots for free. The promo also gives every 100th visitor a free hour of canoeing as well as a free hour of snorkeling at the Addu Nature Park.

The Addu Nature Park boasts pristine clear waters which house a beautiful reef rich with biodiversity where snorkeling services are provided, along with another body of water which is called the ‘Bedhi’ area. The Bedhi is really a part of the lagoon which has almost enclosed itself, allowing the calm waters to be a refuge for baby sharks, rays and other fishes as a nursery. The bedhi area also grows mangroves of different sizes of which one can take a look up close while canoeing around the area.

The entire area of Addu Nature Park is protected, which means no form of biodiversity can be removed from its home.

More information on the services provided by the park will be available via the park’s hotline +960 7580059.