Addu Nature Park to reopen on Friday

Visitor's Center of Addu Nature Park. Photo: Addu Nature Park

Addu City, Maldives – Addu Nature Park, a nature conservation facility located at the northern tip of the 33,000 people strong Addu City, located at the very southern end of the Maldives, has announced that it will be reopening on 20th November, Friday.

In a Facebook post shared on the official page of the park, it was announced that the park will be reopened on Friday following a closure for maintenance and renovation of the facility.

“During the time in which the park was closed for maintenance, Addu Nature Park team spent weeks on fixing and renovating the bird watching platforms and other structures within the park for users to safely enjoy nature at it’s finest.” The post read.

The park also urges visitors to be mindful in ensuring safety and precautionary measures against Covid-19, by maintaining social distancing and wearing masks, although the city does not have any active cases of the virus in Addu.

The Addu Nature Park has is home to large flocks of native and migratory birds, and is also home of one of the biggest lakes in the country. Visitors are able to enjoy the pristine nature of the entire protected area via guided tours on buggies, while those who enjoy a good cycling session can also opt to explore the trails of the park on bicycles.

The guided tours take visitors to three birdwatching platforms where rare sightings can be made at times, but most definitely always offer picturesque views without fail. En rout, the friendly rangers at the park explain historical significance, folklores and stories of the various areas which the park embodies, including the infamous ranin hanaa fenganda (Queen’s pond) and the dhivvaa fenganda, which is a green pond in the middle of the park.

Apart from this, the park also offers canoeing in the bedhi area of the park, which is easily accessible by buggy or bicycle, and is a natural nursery for baby sharks, rays and other fishes. The calm waters of the area allow easy maneuvering around the mangroves which grow out in the area, which also lets visitors look at the mangroves up close. The insta-worthy clicks from this area are a whole other story.

Last but not the least, the Park also has underwater activities for those looking for an escape into the magical world of turtles, fishes and corals. The park offers guided snorkeling tours in the reef area of the park, with the extra bonus of underwater photos for visitors as well.

Since the opening of the park on 13th October 2018, the park has become one of top visiting sites for both local and international tourists. As the park is set to open, bookings can be made via phone on +9607580059.