Delay of economic activity will prove detrimental to Addu: Umar Naseer

Male’, Maldives – Delaying economic the economic activity in Addu City will prove detrimental to the citizens of the city, said former Home Minister Umar Naseer in a Facebook post he sent out on Wednesday evening.

His post detailed that Shangri-la resort, which provides employment for a large number of Addu citizens has informed the government of Maldives that it may have to shut down operations in the city, which if done so, would result in Addu suffering the most due to Covid-19 from an economic perspective.

“This is because a large number of employees working in the resorts of Maldives are from Addu, and at least 250 people in Addu are employed at Shangri-la resort. And because more than USD 80,000 goes into the Addu economy every month from the business received by the resort. Herethere Resort has already ceazed operations.” Umar explained.

Umar also revealed that while this is so, unemployment rates of the City – which is already the highest among youth of the Maldives – would rise even further than it is now, ultimately proving detrimental to the citizens of the second largest atoll in the Maldives.

Despite this, neither Shangri-la nor the government of Maldives have made any official remarks about the closure of the resort.