Consulate will act as a part of Indian military facility: Umar

Former Minister of Home Affairs Umar Naseer | Photo: Avas

Malé, Maldives –  Former Home Minister Umar Naseer has said that the planned Indian Consulate in Addu City is part of India’s plan to establish a military facility in the city.

Umar Naseer, in a video publicized today stated that initially, an Indian helicopter was brought to Addu, followed by Indian military personnel. After which, Umar noted, that a radar station was also placed in Addu. Ensuingly, a sturdy building project capable of being used as a military base was also built, with efforts underway to ensure diplomatic cover in the guise of a consulate office.

“The Indian Military facility establishment efforts in Addu are comparable to dismantling a motorcycle and bringing it in piece by piece to fool customs, as it can be observed that India is bringing in piece by piece of a Military base to Addu, in an attempt to deceive Maldivian citizens”

Umar Naseer

He added that in the current situation where 2 resorts in Addu have shut down leaving numerous residents jobless, establishing an Indian facility instead of the pledged 8000 tourist beds is bound to turn away possible investors.

He claimed that India is not a wealthy country, and establishing a military facility would have no favourable effect on the Maldivian economy. Umar stated that this facility would instead be detrimental to the country’s freedom as well as Addu’s economy.

“This is done under an extensive plan to establish Indian military in various parts of the Maldives under various guises. Looking at the buildings being constructed by India in Uhthuru Thilafalhu, Indian Military presence in HDh. Hanimaadhoo and their Dornier Aircraft, Indian Military personnel and their Helicopter in L.Gan along with their facilities established in Addu, it is clear what is happening”

Umar Naseer

The former Minister also said that such activities have been allowed due to inflexible political leaders, and that Maldivian independence would suffer the adverse effects of these decisions.

Umar Naseer, who has announced his presidential candidacy for the next elections, went on to state that Maldivians would fight any battle required to defend their independence.