Indian serial killer confesses to over 50 murders

Photo: CNN

New Delhi, India — An Indian serial killer confesses of his involvement in the murder of over 50 taxi drivers.

The murderer had dumped the bodies into a crocodile-infested canal and had fled to another state while out of prison on parole. However, the murderer has been finally caught by the Indian police now.

Between 2002 to 2004, the murderer, Devender Sharma was sentenced to life in the prision in Jaipur – a city in the northern state of Rajasthan – for the murder of seven taxi drivers.

After spending nearly 16 years in Jail, when the 62-year-old was given a short parole in January, he didn’t return to the prison even when his 20 days on the outside were up, according to Indian police.

However, on Wednesday, -after around six months of him getting missing- the Indian police arrested Sharma in the country’s capital Delhi, where he was living with a widow he had married to since failing to return from parole.

When he was questioned, according to a news release Wednesday from Delhi police, Sharma confessed that he had broken his parole conditions and that he didn’t plan to return to jail. The police also disloced that Sharma went into detail about his criminal past.

Sharma was a graduate with a degree in Traditional Indian Medicine and even ran a clinic at a hospital in Rajasthan for 11 years until he lost his money in a scam, according to police.

After the scam, Sharma became involved in a scheme selling fake gas canisters. He later took part in a scheme involving illegal kidney transplants, and was arrested in 2004 over the case. Sharma had admitted being involved with more than 125 such transplants, with each earning him between $6,680 and $9,350, according to police.

Sharma told police that he and several others worked on another scheme in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh where they hired taxis and then killed the drivers at secluded places. After killing the drivers, they would later on dump the bodies in a canal home to crocodiles so that there was no chance that the remains could be retrieved.

After dumping the bodies, they would sell the taxis in either whole or in parts to earn approximately $270 for each car.

According to police, although Sharma eventually confessed to being the mastermind behind the murder of more than 50 taxi drivers, he has only been convicted of a handful of those killings.

According to local media records dating from 2008, Sharma was initially caught by the police while in the act of killing a driver.