Maldives confirms 19th Covid-related death

Malé, Maldives —  HPA has confirmed that a 19th  person have passed away due to Covid-19 in Maldives.

Health Protection Agency (HPA) tweeted that the deceased was an 80-year-old Maldivian female.

HPA disclosed that the female was admitted at HMF and had passed away while receiving care  for the virus Covid-19, in the ICU.

This is the 19th Covid-19-related death in Maldives. It has been recorded just after a day the 17th and 18th death was recorded.

Therefore, up to date, a total of 19 people have passed away due to the virus in Maldives. The deceased are 14 elderly Maldivian nationals, 4 Bangladeshi nationals and a Filipino national.

While a total of 4,293 people have been confirmed for the virus in Maldives, 2,670 people have completely recovered from it. Currently there are only 1,490 active Covid-19 cases in Maldives.

Maldives confirmed it’s first Covid-19-related death on April 29.

Yesterday itself 129 people were confirmed for the virus in Maldives, recording the most number of cases confirmed over 24 hours. They were 93 Maldivians and 23 Bangladeshis, 08 Indian and 04 Sri Lankan’s and 01 Indonesian.

Since the lockdown was eased in Maldives, there has been a surge in the number of confirmed cases.

The risk for severe illness from Covid-19 increases with age making senior citizens at the highest risk.

A study has shown that, out of 10 Covid-19 related deaths in United States of America, 8 are reported to be adults from age 65 and above.