Thinadhoo hospital begins Covid-19 testing

Thinadhoo Hospital

Gdh. Thinadhoo, Maldives – Dr. Abdul Samad Hospital of Gdh. Thinadhoo has begun testing for Covid-19.

The hospital revealed today that as part of the programmed initiated by the government of Maldives to ensure that Covid-19 testing mechanisms are installed in various parts of the country, the hospital has begun testing for the virus today.

With the mechanism provided to the hospital, the daily testing capacity of the hospital would be 48 samples.

Along with this, Covid-19 testing facilities have now been implemented in Addu City, Ungoofaaru and Kulhudhuffushi, apart from the Male’ region.

It has been revealed that so far, more than 83,000 samples have been tested for Covid-19 in the country.

Hand in hand with the testing facilities, the government has also arranged for treatment to be provided for any people who might test positive for Covid-19, in any part of the Maldives.