Death toll of Beirut blast tops 130

Beirut, Lebanon – The number of casualties in the blast which occurred in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon has reached 137.

The Health Ministry of Lebanon revealed that the number of people who died in the blast which took place near Beirut Port was reached 137 and has left more than 5000 people injured. The ministry also stated that as more people are believed to still be under the rubbles, the death toll may go up higher.

Although the exact cause of the blast has not yet been identified, it is believed to have been liked to the vast amounts of ammonium nitrate stored in the area, which exploded. According to reports, the highly explosive chemicals were stored there more than six years ago, and would have amounted to more than 2700 in tonnes.

Governor of Beirut revealed that more than 300,000 people have been left homeless and that the cost of damage exceeds 3 Billion. He described the damage as half of Beirut being affected.

Following the blast, countries of the Middle East and of Europe have started sending medical assistance and food to Lebanon. The French President Emmanuel Macron is due to travel to Lebanon to observe the situation there.