Covid-19- Addu records third case, Hithadhoo removed from monitoring status

Addu City, Maldives – Addu City has confirmed a third case of Covid-19 in the city on Sunday night.

HEOC, revealed that a 58 year old female who was tested upon the completion of a travel related quarantine period tested positive for the virus. HPA revealed that the individual was seen to have no direct contact upon the conclusion of contact tracing.

With this, the Rapid Response Team (RRT) of Addu City for the purpose of Covid-19 concluded all contact tracing efforts regarding the three cases in the city, prompting HPA to release Hithadhoo from monitoring status.

With this, going to and from Hithadhoo will be allowed again. However, authorities urge anyone going out to wear masks, and ensure physical distancing. Going out unless absolutely necessary is also discouraged.

At the moment, the three cases of Covid-19 in the city are of a local police officer who have a sample to Male’ at a random sampling site who was in home quarantine in Feydhoo at the time of receiving the results, and a Bangladeshi national who was home quarantined at the Addu High School accommodation block, apart from the female who tested positive on Sunday night.

Addu Equatorial Hospital (AEH) revealed that all three individuals are doing well and otherwise healthy.