400 fined over mandatory mask violation

Male’, Maldives – Health Emergency Operation Center (HEOC) has announced that more than 400 people have been fined for violating the mandatory mask wearing rule set for the Male’ region.

HEOC revealed that 94 people have been warned and 41 people have been fined in the past 24 hours alone, raising the number of people who have been fined for the violation up to 475.

The rule states that any individual, which the exception of children below the age of two, those who are out exercising during the set exercising hours, and those who are unable to put on and remove a mask by themselves, must wear a mask at all times when out in public spaces. A violation of this rule will be punished with a fine of MVR1000.

In addition to the mask violation, HEOC revealed that during the past 24 hours, 80 people have been filed for violating the curfew guidelines along with 120 people who were let off with a warning. So far, a total of 311 people have been fined for this violation.

The mask wearing guideline says that the mask must cover the nose, mouth and chin area of the person.