More than 4700 fined for violation of HPA regulations

Photo: Raajje MV

Male’, Maldives – More than 4,700 people have been fined for violating the regulations and notices of Health Protection Agency (HPA).

In a press conference held at the Health Emergency Operation Center (HEOC), Chief Superintendent of Police and Head of Male’ City Police Abdullah Shareef revealed that among those who fail to wear masks while out in public, 3,877 people have been given warnings while an additional 1,798 people have been fined.

Among those who were out in public past the set curfew time, the Police have warned 4,833 people, and have fined 2,195. Shareef also revealed that 4,321 people were given warnings for operating vehicles outside of the set time limit, while 781 people were fined for the violation.

Speaking on the matter further, Shareef highlighted that more and more people are seen violating the precautionary regulations set for the benefit of public health. He noted that more vehicles are observed being operated past the set time, while more people are seen out in public in general. He warned that such actions may hinder the efforts of the country in overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic.

As of present, the total number of Covid-19 cases recorded in the Maldives have topped 10,000, while the number of daily infections are on the decrease, with just 31 cases recorded on Saturday. However, there are 79 cases of Covid-19 in various inhibited islands and resorts across the country.