Jabir dissatisfied with government’s negligence toward southern atolls

Male’, Maldives – MP of Kaashidhoo constituency, Abdullah Jabir has expressed his dissatisfaction towards the government and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, for the negligence towards the southern atolls, Huvadhoo, Fuvahmulah and especially Addu, by the administration.

Speaking at the parliamentary sitting today, Jabir stated that although he is representing Kaashidhoo, his roots are from Addu and that it “hurts his heart” to witness the negligence of the government towards Addu.

Jabir specifically criticized the continuous investments the government has been making in the Male’ region and the areas around it, resulting in no development in Huvadhoo, Fuvahmulah and Addu City. He also highlighted that the administration came on to power with the pledge of making Maldives tropical again, but has unfortunately gone back on its word and shifted the focus to Male’.

Jabir went on to question why the government is failing to develop Addu, despite the current ruling party promising to do so, ahead of coming on to power.

“However, all we see is that there is no development in Addu. But it is the people of the south that do the most in bringing MDP on to power.” Jabir said.

Jabir advised President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to have proper plan, if he aims to develop the entire country, referring to an example saying that building airports just wouldn’t cut it if accommodation is not arranged for those who come from the big planes.

His example shed light on the current situation of Addu, which has an international airport, however with only one resort at present, which is South Palm as Shangri-la and Canareef resorts move on for a complete closure of their facilities.