Victoria records fewest new confirmed cases in a month

Strict restrictions were put in place in the city of Melbourne on 2 August for six weeks. Photo by Reuters

Victoria, Australia — Victoria has reported its lowest number of new confirmed cases for Covid-19 in a month.

It has been over a month since the capital of Victoria, Melbourne has been in lockdown. Along with lockdown, strict measures such as night-time curfew was imposed on 3 August as well.

However, the state still has 7,274 active cases, still being the main concern of Australia.

Although the state reported its deadliest day on Monday, has seen new infections decline in recent days.

The city confirmed it’s lowest daily total since July 18 on Tuesday with a total of 222 confirmed cases. The state recorded 17 more deaths along with it, taking Australia’s death toll to 438 since the pandemic began.

“I would hope that we’re in the hundreds [of new cases] – not in the 200s – next week,” said Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton.

“But again it all depends on everyone doing the right thing, which includes stepping up for testing.”

The most popular state of Australia, New South Wales (NSW) recorded its fewest amount of new daily cases with a total of only three cases.