“I am doing the work to catch thieves” – MP Yaugoob

Photo: Majlis

Male’, Maldives – One MP who came under heavy fire on social media, following the Health Ministry corruption scandal coming to light, was MP Yaugoob of Dhaandhoo constituency.

Although the Auditor General’s report which shed the light on the misconduct and corruption of the Health Ministry did not indicate the participation of MP Yaugoob, he became the subject of strong criticism due to the very words that made him popular during the time of the Parliamentary elections.

When it became known that the Ministry of Health contracted a Dubai based company, Executors General Trading, to procure 74 ventilators for the state under the pretext of the recommendation of WHO – something which the organization has denied, the public was quick to point out that the current administration come on to power with pledges to put an end to corruption.

One such politician is MP Yaugoob, who gave his popular speech about his knowledge in “catching thieves”. Responding to critics, Yaugoob said that he is an auditor and studied how to catch thieves, which is what is doing and will continue to do so.

He also added that he is not afraid to catch thieves and that he would not step back in his work. Further his note, in which he responded to the comments, said that he will not thieve and that he would not allow others to thieve with his knowledge.

The matter of the Health Ministry is now under review by the Parliament’s committee, as well as by Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) and Maldives Police Service.