Another batch of patients travel to India for treatment

Male’, Maldives – Aasandha has revealed that 46 Maldivians were sent to Cochin, India for advanced medical treatment, on Thursday.

According to Aasandha, the national health insurance system of Maldives, the flight departed at approximately 1615 carrying 18 patients and 18 caretakers, along with four medical professionals.

Despite India struggling to stay afloat as numbers of Covid-19 soar in the country, the Indian government has permitted Maldivian patients requiring critical care unavailable in Maldives to travel to the country.

The arrangement, introduced for individuals in need of critical care which is unavailable in Maldives, was finalised following discussions between Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdulla Shahid and Ambassador of India to Maldives Sunjay Sudhir.

In compliance with India’s health protection guidelines, passengers on the flight are required to undergo a 14-day quarantine period upon arrival. Individuals are also tested for COVID-19 two days prior to their departure to India.

This is the fifth batch of Maldivians to travel to India for medical purposes, with a total of 331 individuals granted entry into the country till date.


Source: The Edition