Bus service from the United Kingdom to India

Concept imagery of the bus exterior. Image: Bus to London by Adventures Overland.

London, United Kingdom — New bus route to launch from the United Kingdom to India.

The new bus is set to launch in 2021 and it will be traveling from London to Delhi in over 70 days. It will be going through 18 countries, covering 20,000 km.

Passengers will have the option to buy tickets for the full journey, or opt to travel for one of four legs. This bus route is known to be the first ever hop-on/hop-off bus service between the United Kingdom and India.

The bus journey from UK to India will include of a cruise on the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan, before continuing on to China to explore the Gobi Desert, hike the Great Wall, meet Giant Pandas in Chengdu and then travel through the Silk Route. The passengers will also have the chance to explore spectacular pagodas of Myanmar, before the final stop in New Delhi.

Although the bus journey from UK is expected to launch on July 2021, there is ko confirmed departure date due to the ongoing pandemic.

One of the founder of Adventures Overland, Tushar Agarwal says that, “Every single route in each country has been vetted to ensure that the journey is seamless. We take charge of documentation and permits to ensure that the entire focus of participants is on experiencing the journey.“

“We ensure an experienced English speaking local guide is travelling with the group at all hours to ensure personal safety, smooth communication and travel.“

He continued to say that, “The bus on this epic journey is being customised to add all the necessities, comforts and luxuries which will ensure that participants travel in the lap of luxury all the way from the UK to India.”

The other founder of Adventure Overland, Sanjay Madan said while talking about the bus journey’s that, “We share a common love for travel, and now we are thrilled to introduce the first bus service from London all the way to New Delhi with utmost comfort and luxury.“

“Providing a niche and classy experience in a secure environment is our top priority. The route of this journey is tried and tested as we have already execute three back to back road trips from India to London on the same route so participants on Bus to London can get onboard with the knowledge and confidence that they are in safe hands.”