Anti-virus bus shelters in South Korea

New anti-virus bus shelters in Seoul, South Korea. Photo by Getty Images

Seoul, South Korea — South Korea installs anti-virus bus shelters in the country to protect their citizens from the virus, Covid-19.

The new bus shelters launched in the country’s capital city, Seoul, are kitted out with temperature-checking doors and ultraviolet disinfection lamps.

It is essential for all passengers to have their temperature checked by the automated thermal-imaging camera before entering the bus shelters. The shelter is made in such a way that the doors would not slide open for anyone who has a temperature above 37.5C.

Photo by Getty Images

These shelters cost each up to 100 million won ($84,000, £64,400.)

A 49-year-old housewife, Kim Ju-li who used the new bus shelter for the first tome told AFP news agency that: “I feel really safe in here because I know others around me had their temperatures checked as well as me.”