Over 3,000 people fined for breaching Covid-19 restrictions

Superintendent of Police, Hussain Sameer, at Monday night’s Covid-19 press briefing - Health Ministry

Malé, Maldives — Over 3,000 people have been fined for breaching the Covid-19 restrictive measures in Maldives.

The Superintendent of Police, Hussain Sameer revealed during a press briefing of Health Emergency Operations Centre (HEOC) on Monday night that up to date a total of 3,042 people have been fined for violating the rules.

Due to a surge in the number of confirmed cases in the capital Malé city, Covid-19 preventive measures were strengthened in the capital last month.

The preventive measures include of making face masks mandatory since August 01 and a curfew from 10pm to 5am, which was announced a few days later. The latest measures were imposed on August 23. That was a ban on vehicle movement from 8pm to 5am.

According to Sameer, 274 people were fined for violating the vehical movement which was imposed just about eight days ago. He also informed that 1,095 people were released with just a warning.

Furthermore, during the same time period, 1,188 people were fined for not wearing face masks and 2,901 people were released with a warning.

In addition to this, 3,813 more people were also released with a warning after they violated the curfew and a total of 1,580 people were fined for this reason as well.

While noting that the police are not in favor of fining people, the police official appealed to all citizens to to follow all Covid-19 preventive guidelines.

Sameer also called out on the people to refrain from arriving to the shops at the last minute of closing time, as the shops are forced to stay open due to the long queue of customers remaining even after 9:30, the closing time.