Not compulsory to register home based workers: Economic Ministry

Photo: Majlis

Male’, Maldives – The Economic Ministry of Maldives has revealed that home based workers are not required to be registered.

In a statement released by the Ministry on Wednesday night, it was clarified that individuals who earn an income from home are not required to register with the ministry. These include vendors which operate out of homes or of those where a service is provided by going to a location. However, vendors will only fall into this category if the business does not employ any staff.

Speaking at the Health Emergency Operation Center (HEOC) press conference, Registrar of Companies, Mariyam Visam noted such businesses include cafe’s, tea shops, restaurants, canteens, and bakeries among others, again emphasising that individuals producing food in their home kitchens are not counted as such.

This comes as HPA issued a notice requiring all businesses, including those working from home and promoting their work online, to register in order to carry on with the work.

Any individuals who wish to inquire the Ministry about any business related matters are urged to contact the call centre via 1691.