Business Visa requests accepted from Economic Ministry portal

Velaanaage, government office complex located in Malé | Photo: Mihaaru

Male’, Maldives – A regulatory reform update has been made to request for Business Visa’s at the Economic Ministry portal from August 25, 2021 onwards.

The regulations gazetted by the Economic Ministry stated that permission for Business Visa will be given by the Register of Business and that the Immigration must provide the individuals with a Business Visa without any further questions once the Register of Business approves.

While Business Visa’s were instructed to be requested at the Maldives Immigration with the permission from the Control General, the newly gazetted regulations state that Business Visa must be requested at the Business portal, specially created to issue Business Visa’s at the Economic Ministry.

The Ministry detailed that Business Visa will be issued to the individuals within 10 days from when the application was sent to the portal. While the Visa is being issued for upto 30-90 days, the interested parties will be required to pay MVR 750 as Visa fee.