Employment Act amended to allow resort staff to go home for “night”

Photo: Noku Maldives Island Resort

Male’, Maldives – The Parliament of Maldives has passed to amend the Employment Act, allowing resort employees to go home after work hours at the resort.

The amendment proposed to the Parliament stated that every employee should have the right to leave the premises of work, after shift hours. It also said that the employee shall have the right to choose vessels or transport modes which do not belong to the resort, and that the resort would not have the right to deny access to the vessel in which the employee returns back to work.

At present, resort owners are allowed to deny locals from leaving the premises of the resort, even after working hours, despite the home islands of the employees being close by. In many instances, this is the case.

The amendment was proposed by MP of Thulhaadhoo constituency Hisaan Hussain, and was passed with 61 votes.