Resorts urged not to send staff on no-pay

Tourism Ministry of Maldives has strictly advised not to force any resort employees to no-pay leave.

In a letter signed by the senior policy director Mohamed Hassan of the Ministry of Tourism of Maldives, sent to all resorts of the country, stated that the ministry has been receiving many complaints of resort employees being forced into either no-pay leave, or  resorts terminating employee contracts without prior notice. The letter also highlighted complaints of expatriate employees being sent from the resort without confirming flights to their respective home countries.

Following the highlight of the main issues, the letter stated that these incidents should not be taking place under any circumstances and that any resort in clear violation of the Employment Act would have action taken against the respective resort.

The Tourism Employees Association of Maldives recently revealed that more than 11,000 resort employees have been sent put on no-pay leave in the country.

Addressing this issue, Finance Minister of Maldives Ibrahim Ameer stated that the law of the country is clear on when employees can be sent on no-pay leave, but that forcing any employee into unpaid leaves are in violation of the laws set by the country.

He also noted that should any resort be violating the terms of the Employment Act, it is very important to file a complaint at the Job Centre set up at the Economic Ministry. He also highlighted that the main purpose of the stimulus package provided by the government is to ensure the job security of Maldivian employees.