Former Deputy Mayor of Male’ to be charged

Male’, Maldives – Anti Corruptions Commission (ACC) has sent the case of former Deputy Mayor of Male’ City Council, Ibrahim Sujau, to Prosecutor General’s (PG) Office, to be charged.

Sujau’s case was forwarded to PG Office for approving the development of a 250 square foot private land, to be raised above the allowed height. With regards to this, ACC moved to charge Sujau with misusing authority to provide an undue gain to a third party.

In this regard, ACC added that it can be known from the documents related to the case, that the land in question was 250 sqft and that a land of that size can only be approved to be raised to a maximum of 6.27 meters. However, it was revealed by the Commission that a “document of drawing approval” and a “permit to build” approval was granted for this land, for it to be built to a height of 12 meters, on 15th January, 2014.

While Sujau is said to have signed off on the approvals, claiming that the building was approved to be build to a height of four stories in 1995, ACC says that it can be known that Sujau was the one who signed the documents, with the said claim, deliberately to provide an undue benefit to someone.

Sujau is yet to make a comment on the matter.