Discussions held on development of human resources by Vice President

Photo via AvasMv

Malé, Maldives — The Vice President of Maldives, Faisal Naseem holds discussions regarding developing human resources in priority sectors, according to national skills requirements with the Cabinet Ministers from stakeholder ministries.

Lack of skilled employees were highlighted in the discussion by the Vice President, therefore, urging it to be ameliorated through focused trainings and prioritizing recruitment to areas experiencing skilled-worker shortfalls.

He also advocated that among other key areas, engineering, as well as mechanical and technical fields should be given more prominence during human resource development.

Vice President Faisal emphasized that the Maldivian government aims to increase employment opportunities for Maldivian citizens. He also emphasized on sectors experiencing country-wide skills shortages, that helps to retain incomes within the country.

However, the Cabinat Ministers had briefed the Vice President on the most critical skills shortages in the respective sectors in Maldives. They also highlighted the challenges that they face in executing their responsibilities due to the lack of experienced professionals in their relevant fields, as well as the expenses pertinent to hiring specialists.