Nasheed is not influencing any ministers: MDP Chairman

Photo: MDP

Male’, Maldives – Chairman of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), who is also MP of West Henveiru constituency, Hassan Latheef has finally commented on the Nasheed versus Fayyaz drama, saying that he does not believe that Nasheed, Speaker of the Parliament and President of MDP, is exerting any undue influence to the ministers of the cabinet.

Hassan Latheef’s comment on the matter came following the letter sent to him by the Vice Chair of MDP’s disciplinary committee, Ibrahim Shuaib, which read that Nasheed has been repeatedly influencing the ministers in the cabinet as the President of MDP, while being the Speaker of the Parliament as well. Shuaib also requested to put an end to this in his letter to Hassan Latheef.

Shuaib’s letter to Hassan Latheef was prompted when Nasheed sent a letter to Hassan Latheef asking the Minister of Economic Development, Ismail Fayyaz to tender his resignation, hinting about possible corruption and misconduct from Minister Fayyaz’s part.

Hassan Latheef, responding to Shuaib’s letter, said that he does not believe that Nasheed’s requests can be deemed as influencing the ministers of the cabinet. Hassan Latheef also added that Nasheed’s letter was not personal, but in fact, an official letter in his capacity as the President of the party and that the contents of the letter were not personal opinions of Nasheed.

Hassan also stressed that the President of the party is the highest authority within the party and that whoever holds this position would be of the highest rank in representing the party.

While the tension between Minister Fayyaz and Speaker Nasheed is evident, it is yet to be clarified exactly what Minister Fayyaz has done that Nasheed claims to have been corrupt.

However, in the mean time, Fayyaz remains that he will not resign from office, after President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih declared that Fayyaz has his complete faith.