MDP suspends Shuaib from disciplinary committee

Photo: Shuaib Ali

Male’, Maldives – Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has suspended Shuaib Ali as the deputy chair of the party’s disciplinary commitee.

MDP announced that Shuaib was suspended from his position as deputy chair and member of disciplinary committee on Thursday, in connection to a complaint lodged with the committee, the specifics of which has not been disclosed.

This comes following a letter sent by Shuaib, to the Chairperson of the party to stop Nasheed, who is the president of MDP, as well as the Speaker of the Parliament, from extending undue political influence on to the cabinet of ministers, stating that Nasheed has been repeatedly doing so.

Shuaib said this after Nasheed sent a letter to the Chairperson of MDP and MP of West Henveiru constituency, Hassan Latheef, asking the Minister of Economic Development Ismail Fayyaz, to resign from office.

Referring to the matter, Shuaib said that chapter five of the constitution of Maldives clearly dictates the roles and responsibilities of a Minister, and how one must be made accountable, along with MDP’s governing regulations, Parliamentary group regulations and other relevant regulations of the party clearly stating the protocols to be followed by various personnel of the party. He also stated that similarly, the Parliament has its own regulations by which Parliamentary Members must adhere.

Shuaib added that while this is so, it is his belief that Nasheed putting his interest ahead of the party once again, is an act of ultimate betrayal.

“Going to the extent of the country and citizens having to suffer due to the differences between both leaders, would only result in the citizens having to suffer and worry further. It would diminish the confidence which the public holds towards the leaders of MDP.” Shuaib’s letter to Hassan Latheef read.

In this regard, Shuaib asked of Hassan Latheef to do all in his power to ensure that Nasheed refrains from prioritizing his interest while executing his duties as the Speaker of the Parliament while being a representative of the party, and acting against the governing regulation of the party. He also asked Latheef to ensure that Nasheed does not repeat extending undue influence upon the cabinet of Ministers appointed by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, as the president of MDP.

In addition to this, Shuaib stressed that it is the legal responsibility of Hassan Latheef to ensure that both Mohamed Nasheed and Ibrahim Mohamed Solih have a sit down and put an end to the differences among them.

However, Hassan Latheef commented on the Nasheed versus Fayyaz drama, saying that he does not believe that Nasheed, Speaker of the Parliament and President of MDP, is exerting any undue influence to the ministers of the cabinet.