Special insurance packages to be established for tourists: Tourism Minister

Tourism Minister, Dr. Abdullah Mausoom | Photo: Avas

Malé, Maldives — The Tourism Ministry of Maldives has stated that discussions are beung carried out with insurance companies to provide special insurance package for tourists visiting Maldives.

Tourism Minister, Dr. Abdulla Mausoom stated during an interview that establishing trust is one of the most important factor in building the number of tourist arrivals. Therefore, the minister states that the government is currently in discussions with several companies to allow tourists to have the option of having a special insurance package in the country.

According to the minister, while a large number of people are hoping to travel to the Maldives once borders are opened in their respective countries, having no insurance coverage available during a pandemic is what fears most tourists.

“Insurance coverage cannot be availed at a time when governments are urging their citizens not to travel. Therefore, we seek to find a solution for this issue by creating our own package by working with local insurance companies. The companies have expressed interest regarding this,” stated the minister.

Dr. Mausoom furthermore stated that the ministry is looking forward to establish insurance packages for tourists by October 15. This is the date for which the guest houses in Maldives are allowed to resume operation.

“We are hopeful that the insurance packages will be available before guest houses open its doors once again – this will be an extremely important goal,” he said.

The minister noted that having an insurance package would be beneficial to tourists, insurance companies and the country alike, allowing tourists to be tension free during their travel while having a relaxing experience due to the affordable insurance packages.