MMC begins basic journalism programme

Reporters at a press conference at the President's Office Photo: Presidents Office

Male’, Maldives – Maldives Media Council (MMC) has started a basic journalism course, targeting beginners in the industry.

The program which began on Wednesday night, will be carried out in two rounds, due to the high number of participants.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the course, member of MMC, Shifza Musthafa stated that it is evident how much such a program has been needed, and that the program has proven to be very important.

Some of the areas taught in the course would be, what a news is, how to write news and how to write headlines, along with ethical and legal points to keep in mind when being a journalist. The program is also expected to highlight common mistakes made by media and how to rectify it, along with what being a journalist is like and the challenged faced in the industry.

The second round of the program is due to begin on 23rd September, 2020.