More work required in investigative journalism – MMC President

President of MMC Hidhayathullah | Photo: Mihaaru

Male’, Maldives – President of the Maldives Media Council (MMC), Hidhaayathullah has called on to put in more effort to uncover the truth and write more reports in the field of investigative journalism in the country.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the “Basic Journalism Course 2020” organized by MMC, Hidhaayathhullah explained the gravity of the responsibility of being a journalist or anyone in the industry, saying that while the industry continues to boom in Maldives, it is important to keep in mind to be responsible and sincere in the work that is being done as it would reflect on the country, describing the industry as a mirror which reflects the situation of the country.

“We must carry out the duties responsibly. Truthfully and honorably. Without bias. Fairly and sincerely. By making good use of education and trainings, and backed by research.” he said.

Adding that it is the journalists who are there to nudge the country in the right direction, he added that, “I call to do more work in investigative journalism by writing investigative reports and uncovering the truth”, while also reminding everyone to be more mindful in using information acquired through social media and the importance of verification of such information.

Speaking on, he addressed that 120 participants who completed the course, advising them to make good use of the training and to excel in the field with the knowledge gained from the program.

He also highlighted that MMC is not just a body to take action against the writings of journalists, but also a body entrusted with ensuring the freedom of press and providing trainings and education for journalists as much as possible.

“And this would be evident from all the work done by the council.” He said, revealing the plans of the council to establish media clubs in various schools of the country to create an interest towards the industry within school students. “However, a lot of the work planned to be carry out by the council has had to be put a stop on, due to Covid-19.”