Covid-19 antibodies found in 125 frontliners: ADK

Laboratory tests being done Photo: Pitchbook

Male’, Maldives – ADK hospital has revealed that Covid-19 antibodies have been found in 125 frontline workers.

ADK announced that it will be carrying out the Covid-19 antibody test, which is done to determine whether a person has previously been infected by the coronavirus, on 3000 frontline workers in July. In this regard, the antibody tests were done free of charge for frontline workers and their family, along with those who have been working on deliveries with in the Male’ region.

3,004 individuals were tested using the Roche Cobas Elecsys e411 immuno analyzer technology, out of which 125 cases came back positive and 2922 samples tested positive.

Out of the total, 412 health care workers were tested, out of which seven percent tested positive for the Covid-19 antibodies. In addition, the results also showed that out of the 1،257 people working in companies, six percent of the people tested positive for the antibody tests.

ADK has since shared the data with all relevant institutions, and says that the conduction of such further studies would allow to determine the extent to which the virus has spread in the country.