Financial help needed to maintain natural beauty of Maldives

Environment Minister of Maldives Photo: Mihaaru

Male’, Maldives – Minister Environment Dr. Hussain Rasheed has stated that a significant amount of financial assistance is required to maintain the natural beauty of Maldives.

Minister Hussain said this during his speech at a high level ministerial meeting with Commonwealth and United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification.

During his speech at the meeting, Minister said that island nations such as Maldives have to face problems such as rise in sea level due to global warming, coral bleaching and extinction of certain aquatic life. He also highlighted the importance of cooperation of all nations to the Paris Agreement to prevent global temperature rising above 1.5 degrees.

The Minister further added that one of the main aims of the current government is achieving a blue economy, which is aimed for putting in place long lasting measures in protecting the environment. In addition to this, he has said that Maldives is currently taking necessary measures to protect naturally gifted locations around the country as well.

Adding on, he expressed his worries about the damage that may happen if enough financial help is not received when facing challenges that occur due to climate change, especially for a low lying country such as Maldives.

Furthermore, the Minister focused on the damages done to aquatic life due to climate change and also due to other reasons and that continuous work is being done to find a solution for this.

During this meeting between Commonwealth and United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), discussion on ways to minimize the effect on environment due to climate change took place between the member Nations.

In addition to this, ways to enforce the measures put in place against climate change at a fast pace were also discussed. Environment Ministers of commonwealth countries, heads of international environmental institutes and representatives of organisations working towards protection the environment also participated in this meeting.